Issue 11 Editors’ Letter

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How can it be March already?! This issue has really taken shape in what feels like minutes not months. From our first production meeting in late January, we knew we were going to be constantly on-the-go to make this issue happen. But, by spending some valuable time reorganizing our inspiration folders (thank you, Pinterest), we helped ourselves see everything a little bit clearer by allowing our curated vision to catch frames of intimate moments around the city.

In streamlining our photography style, we found it was important to show the creative Toronto that we interact on a daily basis by capturing¬† a glimpse into our features and profiles lives. By approaching the interviews and photo shoots in a freer way, we have been able to create some intriguing articles and beautiful images that represent each of our subjects’ best qualities. To say the least, we have been running wild and free to make epic ideas happen on the fly. Between our personal commitments, last minute confirmations and cancellations we definitely managed to have a¬† little bit (OK, a lot) of fun.