Aveda: Beauty School Drop Ins

A few weeks ago we were invited to hang out at the Aveda Institute to take part in their Beauty School Drop In program. In support of their Born to Style contest (details of which can be found here), we stopped by to learn a little bit more about how to style our hair (Tara wanted more volume, and Aimee wanted the perfect curl.) We were introduced to Charise, a fantastic hair stylist and all around awesome person. She was kind enough to provide some simple steps to keep our hair looking amazing everyday.

Tara wanted to learn how to give her hair more volume without making it feel overly styled. Charise gave her the following steps:

Start with hair that is dry and brushed through but preferably not freshly washed. Backcombing does not hold as well on freshly washed hair.

Step 1: Section off the hair at the crown on the head in a circle and clip it up. If you want the volume to sit lower or higher on your head, either move the circle down or up accordingly.

Step 2: Using a comb take a ½’’ horizontal sub-section at the bottom part of the circle. Hold it up with one hand and with the other hand back-comb the underside of this sub-section using either a comb or a back-brushing brush. When backcombing, place the comb of brush 4’’ away from the scalp and bring it down through the hair until it touches the scalp. Repeat this three times, each time making sure you are backcombing all the way to the scalp. This is important to create the cushion of volume that the rest of the hair is going to be sitting on.

Repeat this for every sub-section through the circle except for the last one.

Step 3: After the backcombing is finished, spread the last sub-section up and over the backcombed hair and smooth it out with a bore bristle brush. The goal here is to hide and smooth out some of the backcombing through the top.

Step 4: Hold the hair up from where the backcombing starts at the bottom to give it extra life and spray with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.  Hold your hand in place until the hairspray sets to keep the maximum amount of volume.

Step 5: Gently smooth out any fly a way’s with the boar bristle brush and you’re good to go.

Aimee wanted tips on how to best curl her hair. Charise gave the following steps:

For maximum hold and texture, prep the hair by lightly misting Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Style Prep all over the hair, from root to end.

Step 1: Section the top half of your hair off from the bottom of the head, and isolate the top using a clip or elastic (whichever you have handy)

Step 2: Using a 1” inch curling iron, take vertical 1’ this sections in the nape and wrap the hair around the barrel, curling each section away from the face.

Step 3: Once nape is complete, work up to the top half of the head, taking the same 1’ vertical subsections and curling them away from the face.

Step 4: After you have completed curling your hair, let the curls sit and cool, roughly about 10-15 minutes (TIP: This is a great time to do your makeup!)

Step 5: Shake your curls out, and run your fingers through from roots to ends, breaking up all the curls in the hair. Use your hands to loosely style the hair. Once finished, blast curls with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, for a light yet textured hold.

We hope this post inspires you to get some quick tips from your local salon. If it really inspires you, take some time to enter the Aveda Born To Style contest and win your tuition to learn and become a hairstylist!

Thanks to the Veronica and Charise at the Aveda Institute for having us!