Cold Specks ‘Hector’ Video

Combine the dark and soulful Cold Specks with London, England based director Olivier Groulx and you’ve got a match made in some sort of haunting, goose bump-inducing heaven.

“Hector” is the third song off of the album I Predict A Graceful Expulsion to get the video treatment (by Groulx nonetheless) and this one is, by far, the darkest of them all. In it, we see Cold Specks mastermind and front woman Al Spx as a milky-eyed, pregnant zombie bride, dragging her husband’s decapitated corpse behind her as she wanders through a big empty field. Really, not much in this video seems to actually be alive. Not Spx, her husband, the grass, the trees – not even the bunny rabbit Spx runs into. Pair that up with quick shots of the happy couple on their wedding day and not only do you have one of the most haunting videos I’ve seen in a while, but also one that compliments it’s song and artist to a tee.

The Polaris-nominated album is full of dark themes and melodies that Spx sings in a soft, fiery voice that is well beyond her years. Every one of her songs has this contrast that makes them so show-stopping and downright special and this video does the job of capturing that perfectly.

Keep an eye out on the brand new, integrated OTM for a Cold Specks feature in early December.