Danielle Hession #1

With just a few days left to visit Toronto’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, I thought it would be perfect timing to share my equine- related obsessions. I used to be heavily involved in the horsey world with training my two horses and competing in show jumping.  As it turns out, horseback riding is not the most economical sport. I’ve discovered that the cheapest way to get your horsey fill is to head to a horse show or buy something with a pony on it. This fills my void at least.

Here are some images and links to my favourite horsey themed art, stores and accessories. The Royal is on until November 11th so head down to catch some show jumping, dressage, pony competitions or just to pet the cutest fury things you have ever seen!

01. Artist & Designer Mahmood Popal // Mahmood is best known for his custom interior spaces but he is also an accomplished artist and photographer. I love these two mixed media pieces, of course because of the horse content, but also because they remind me of the wild Wild West. Mahmood is also my partner in crime, so I am prone to love whatever he does. 

02. Customized Horse Keychain/Hoof Pick // These custom keychains make a great gift. Nobody has to know that this pretty little thing doubles an instrument to pick mud out of horse hooves. I customized mine with the names of my horses and dog but you can get much more creative than this and engrave whatever you please.

03. Artist Lauren Pirie // Floating baby ponies! I am the proud owner of this adorable drawing by Lauren Pirie. Lauren is a super talented everything! Apart from her art and design practice she also co-founded About Face Collective; a grassroots arts and environmental collective.

04. Become a Horseback Riding Champion // No one needs to know you bought this from Etsy. It can be our little secret. 

05. Look the Part // Another great Etsy find. I might have to buy this before this blog is even posted.

06. Artist Kathryn Macnaughton // Everything that Kathryn touches turns into coolness and magic. This horsey art piece was an overly generous birthday present from Kathryn. Not sure what I did to deserve such an amazing treasure. Kathryn currently works out of a beautiful creative space called Hunt Club started by our friend Darlene Huynh.

07. Repeat Rider // Head to Repeat Rider for vintage riding boots. This store is a bit of a trek from the downtown core but if you are looking for the “real deal” when it comes to riding apparel, this is it. Just a few blocks north of Repeat Rider you will also find Greenhawk Equestrian Supplies.

08. Arts & Crafts // My artwork is littered with horse-content as you will see on my website. My collection of vintage horse photos/ephemera could possibly be mistaken for an episode on Hoarders. Can’t get enough. These horse photos are sandwiched in between two layers of wax paper and then ironed together with lace and papers. A fun crafty experiment that anyone can try.