Danielle Hession #2

I fear the winter blah’s are creeping towards Toronto and it is always a challenge to find a warm and stylish coat that doesn’t turn you into a walking marshmallow. If you do not wish to wear the Canadian winter uniform, (rhymes with Canada Smoose) here are some great local alternatives. Stay warm kiddies xoxoxo.

01. Muttonhead’s Draw String Parka // Designed and produced in Toronto. You cannot get any more local than this. I love that Muttonhead’s collections are unisex. 

02. OSC Cross’ Kingston Jacket // The sister company to Outdoor Survival Canada, OSC Cross has a great collection warm winter coats. Also designed and produced in Canada. These coats also have a lifetime warranty. Wow!  

03. Krane’s Asher Peacoat // You need to see Krane’s designs in person to understand how beautifully they are made. The details are incredible. 

04. Charming Gypsy Vintage Cape // I personally love cape’s because you can layer as much as you want underneath. Kind of like the coat version of the Mary Poppin’s bag. Just put whatever you want under there and you are sure to keep warm. I found this particular cape from an Etsy store that is based in Toronto. Thrift stores are another great place to score these.