Danielle Hession #3

I currently follow 581 people on Instagram. Most are absolute strangers, yet I seem to have a very intimate view into their lives. Finally, I have found a socially acceptable way to be an absolute creep (…cue evil laugh). I have always been a bit over-curious but I never thought snooping on this level would actually exist (legally). The majority of my Insta-stalking includes artists, designers and bloggers, although I find anyone can be a master photographer or creative genius via Instagram.

There is much inspiration to be found. For this blog post, I have listed four Toronto based Instagram accounts that inspire me on a regular basis. There are so many others to list but I ran out of time asking people’s permission to share their photos.

P.S- The last account (@dannyjhess) is mine. I figured with all of the spying I do, it was only fair to share some of my photos too. Warning: you might turn into a magical princess just by looking at all the pastel ans sparkles that litter my posts.

@mahmood_popal // www.craftstudio.ca

Insta-overview: shapes, interior design process, construction, destruction, public art, cats sitting, cats kissing, cats playing, cats sleeping and other awesomeness.

@hawaiibound // www.taketothesee.tumblr.com

Insta-overview: rainbows, light refractions, terrariums, shadows, outdoor adventures, art, crystals, cacti, creative experiments and photos of Robin’s adorable boyfriend Nick (an OTM alumni!).

@beckermanblog // www.BeckermanBitePlate.com

Insta-overview: Fashion, the cutest Pomeranians in the world, pink hair, turquoise hair, blonde hair, magazines, vibrant colours, patterns, Beckerman family adventures, pretty ladies, stickers, cartoons and love.

@peeramid // peeramid.tumblr.com

Insta-overview: Triangles, pyramids, rainbows, art process, succulent plants, Memphis design movement, hello kitty, tacos, installations, collaborations and photos of his beauty of a girlfriend.

@dannyjhess // www.dannyanddani.blogspot.com // www.daniellehession.com

Insta-overview: Pastels, glitter, ponies, collaborations with Craft Studio, cats, florals, cupcakes, feathers, miniatures, nails and more ponies.