Etsy Canada: Make Your Living

Etsy, the popular e-commerce site that features handmade collectibles, is giving Canadians a leg-up when it comes to starting their own businesses by launching a new campaign called Make Your Living.

Etsy has already become a global platform for eager artists to showcase and sell their work. Whether it be homemade jewellery, wedding favours, or even iPhone cases, the website has gained international success for providing users the opportunity to buy unique items, and young artisans the opportunity to make their creations available in a marketplace that favours originality to mass production.

The new Canadian campaign, in a form of a web series, is a call out to Canadian artists to let them know Etsy can help turn their passions into a business.

It launched on March 19th with two episodes featuring two independent Canadian businesses.

Victory Patterns, located near Toronto’s own Kensington Market, sells a line of sewing patterns. Kristiann, the owner, left her job sewing mascot costumes to start the business. She credits Etsy for allowing her the opportunity to do what she loves. “As a small business owner, you become a really different person if you’re doing what you care about,” she exclaims in the video. “You’re like a superhero.”

Patrick and Mara, the stars of the second episode, note while it took some time, their company StudioLicious couldn’t have gained the success it has without Etsy.

“It opens up the opportunity to reach more people than we ever have before,” Patrick says.

By seeing these videos, and hearing these stories, Etsy hopes Canadians will be motivated to take the leap and turn their passion into a business. If any viewers find themselves inspired by the videos, they can use the code “MAKEYOURLIVING” to redeem 20 free listings when they open up an Etsy shop. It’s as easy as clicking here to get started.

“The amount of talent in this country is astounding, the Canadian handmade aesthetic is slowly nurtured and tended to, not rushed and mass produced. It’s why we have some of the best sellers in the world, and it’s why people love buying Canadian goods. Our sellers have a respect for their craft and consumers are looking for thoughtful, quality items that are one of a kind,” says Etsy’s Canadian Community Manager, Nada Alic in a press release.

Now it’s just up to Canadians to translate their DIY attitude from making unique trinkets, to taking their businesses into their own hands.