Sean Brown #1

Sean Brown is an artist. He works on a variety of projects (the Art of Reuse, photography, art direction, styling, etc.) that are all equally as breathtaking as the next. We chose him to be our next guest blogger in hopes that he would bring a little bit of beauty to a month that can often be a bit bleak: December. Check out his posts every Wednesday until the 19th and add his frequently updated blog to your roll.

If you fancy good music accompanied by visuals you won’t skim through, this list is for you. I’ve narrowed it down to ten, because I couldn’t possibly fit all my choices into one post. These are the videos I always watch when I’m YouTubing. There are two reasons I’ve selected the following videos: I either wish I had come up with the concepts or I felt they could use a jolt a creativity to further enhance the song. That being said, shall we…


- I consider him the Kanye of Sweden. I love this song, but something about the video just doesn’t hit. There are many ways to tell the girl you’re  seeing that she can’t change you, not sure if this was the best one. You should still download his 2010 release “Ignore This


- Rrrrrrr Argh! That’s how I type a dog bark. Not only do I wish I shot this, I wish I was in it. No one did videos like Hype Williams in the late 90′s, he had this epic way of turning the hardest of street music into mainstream master pieces. 

- Timing and sequence. I got so lost in this domino effect that I almost forgot to pay attention to the band. Almost like two videos in one, schwing!
- This is the video that changed everything for me, it is also when I discovered how much I love vintage French pop. Her outfit, the background, the dancing, and the fact that the random black guy just fades into the choreography, I could watch this once a day for the rest of my life…or at least until I learn the words.

- Never leave your front door open during band rehearsal, something epic might happen. 

- The revolution was televised. I almost feel like this is where they got the concept for No Church In The Wild. I love how authentic the time period feels, even watching the chaos from my computer, I felt like I was there.

- Whoever conceptualized this…I just…wow. Wow!

- This is perfect. I love one takes and wet hair. The Swedish have a serious gift for making music. (See: Niki & The Dove + Peter Bjorn & John)

- Hip hop’s Batman & Robin. As a kid, I’d watch this and dream of over-sized leather shiny suits, Stacy Adams loafers, and a monotone room.

- Aaaaaaahhhhh, don’t front. New York grunge rap in it’s purest form. The year is 1993, and you’re performing in a music video with your crew, from the nearest subway to your house, until you get to some park in Brooklyn.