Inspiration XXXVI

We love this cute video from Bicyclette created by Siana! It documents their creative Spring campaign that showcases pieces from their varied assortment functioning in many different settings + the campaign launch party!

mike-ellis-CAmagazineMike Ellis‘ latest illustration was created for an upcoming issue of CA Magazine!

marilyn-monroe-cafe-masonInterior design team, Mason, worked on this newly launched cafe and it is simply stunning. It is a perfect combination of all design elements that we admire! Clean design, inviting layout and quirky little intriguing elements, like the light fixtures in the space.

coppertoneThe Coppertone has released new imaging to go along with her upcoming re-launch. After taking some time off from the music scene, we’re sure that she will launch with a big bang of awesome branding & sweet sounds. We will be sure to keep you updated!