July Talk “Guns and Ammunition”

Earlier this week, July Talk added to their growing repertoire of clean, impressive, black and white music videos with a brand new one for their song “Guns and Ammunition”. And to keep in the spirit of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, this video was directed by Adam W. Crosby and July Talk bass player Josh Warburton, who both worked on the band’s previous videos for “Paper Girl” and “Let Her Know”.

This time around, we find the band in a spiffy, classic-looking recording studio being watched and encouraged by what looks like a group record label suits. Once the song begins, so does a continuous 360 shot of the band recording and performing the track.

That near legendary, chemistry-loaded cat and mouse game between front-people Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis takes the spotlight once again. Leah plays it cool, coming off just as classy as she does untouchable, while the passionate and aggressive Peter seems to vie for her attention (which he does eventually get in the form of pushes and hair tugs).

But this isn’t just another pretty looking one-shot music video. Watch the video below to check out the curve ball that comes at the end. Or beginning? The end? Just watch it and you’ll get it.

Love it? You can keep watching it at www.mygunsandammunition.com.