The Balconies ‘Do It In The Dark’

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Jacquie, Stephen and Liam of The Balconies seem to be having a genuinely good time as their friends lose it over their inescapable deaths by zombies in the new video for “Do It In the Dark.”

Last week the band premiered the video for their reproduced single on MuchMusic, and it’s now up on YouTube and iTunes.  They’ve worked with director Alon Isocianu and producer Anna Junger of Reactiv Pictures to put together a pretty sweet 1980s-style college-kids-meet-zombies and zombie-kids-in-the-woods video.  It’s well-produced, and flows well with the new, clean cut of the song. The zombies are made up mostly in original Dawn of the Dead-style makeup – which is a nice touch as opposed to the intricate gore you might see in The Walking Dead.

If you’ve seen The Balconies perform live, it makes sense to see them having a pretty great time amongst the familiar forest deaths in the first half of the video. They are known for going balls out in their live shows, and really taking things to another level of intensity and action – so much so that the use of zombies in their video is kind of child’s play.

The last two minutes of the video are wicked. Giving into zombieness allows Jacquie to let loose and do that captivating eye thing that she does so well in live shows. It also gives the video a chance for zombie love which is a really nice touch.

The Balconies are touring with Big Sugar for the next little while and will be back in Toronto for a holiday performance at the Sound Academy as part of The Edge’s “Jingle Bell Rock” Concert Series.