Nada Alic (FWBA) #2


For this week’s blog I wanted to put together a best-of list for some of my favourite artists and designers based in Toronto who sell their goods on Etsy. Full disclosure, I’m the Canadian Community Manager on Etsy, so a lot of my job includes digging around Etsy for the best and brightest Canadian shops, many of which reside right here in our neighbourhood. I love the idea that Etsy is a global marketplace, but beyond that it’s cool to recognize all of the creative people that make things locally.

I’ve curated a collection of some of my favourite items from shops here in Toronto to showcase our homegrown talent, follow the numbers map to take you to them items, (and you might even be able to nix shipping costs by asking the artist if you could pick these goodies up in person). Hopefully this inspires you to see the value in buying local and buying handmade. Etsy is so much more than crochet and arts + crafts, it’s a place where you can connect with the people who make your stuff. And you can basically buy anything from Lionel Richie teapots to Scandanavian furniture. Some of my faves from below include Minnow Bathers floral swimsuit (3), Deadweight cards (2,8) and Art Team’s Colouring Book (6) – there’s one on Boy Bands that I’m thisclose to buying – but because I work on the site all day, I need to discipline myself before my apartment starts to look like a pop up shop.